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  1. I liked some of the elements of this issue, but yeah I saw the nonsense of it all as well. Particularly alarming to me was how Fraction writes the Hellfire Club as being strident defenders of humanity or whatever. Meanwhile, they have PSYCHICS in their ranks, but they’re all for arresting the developments of mankind at a "normal" point. Okay, they enlist telepaths, want to harness cutting edge super technology, but when it comes to mutants they decide they’d rather eliminate them rather than co-opt or become them. Sure. Because secret evil organizations are known to say "No" to things that would give them an edge.

    The fact that Fraction, whose written about Nikola Tesla, could name one of the characters here "Nicola"…is just amazingly brazen to me. It’s disrespectful of the subject matter. Imagine someone writing about an old scientist named "Albert", who has crazy wild hair, pretend that you’re not riffing on Einstein, and give the guy a cliche hot showgirl wifey.

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