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Amidst delays and everything else, issue 2 of Uncanny X-Force still maintains it’s place as my favorite X-book, despite it’s infancy.

Even with this varied cast and their differing tones, Remender has them down really well. As an episode narrated by Psylocke, he’s managed to make me care a little bit about her for the first time ever. The dialogue between Logan and Warren is pretty top notch, comedic but not too comedic, it just sounds like buddies talking and it’s really good. Deadpool has his usual quips without going overboard, he just has a grasp of these characters and the right amount of restraint to make them believable.

The art is the real standout. I don’t really now OpeƱa, but this is some of my favorite art going right now and a real awesome take on this darker part of the X-family.

As far as where the story is going: I’m pretty interested and I think that it might potentially be really awesome, but the story of this issue didn’t really do that much for me. The inner workings with the team and how that will play into the larger story is interesting but the outside world, the villains and how they came about them still isn’t really connecting to me.

This is still a great second issue overall and this series looks like it’s going to be the real deal.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. agree across the board.

  2. Opena’s art syle is my favorite too right now. It would be very interesting to see other X-members drawn by him. I am kind of not liking Psylocke’s look though. She could be drawn more sexier instead of making her look all depressing.

  3. Agree on Psylocke’s look, Opena seems to be struggling with devising her, she sometimes looks Asian, sometimes not, and she’s a lil too lanky for my taste as well.

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