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Canoodling. Yes that’s right, canodling. This one word is the perfect way to describe what this book personifies. Brian Michael Bendis has created his own masterpiece in the Ultimate Universe and what really makes this book so amazing is the fact that it is still a high quality issue. After 121 issues we still come back for more and Bendis’s humor shows its strenghts again and again.

This is a one part story which is a nice change of pace. In a time where we see long arc after long arc, one shots are a fresh change and he uses it to once again remind us that Peter Parker is just a teenager. We go through all these adventures with the young Spiderman and I think it slips from us that he is still in high school. That’s what makes Bendis the perfect writer for the book. His arcs are fun and gripping but the stories in between are where he brings us back in with entertaining and funny tales.

The art was great once again. I feel that since Bagely left and Immonen came in the book has gotten so much better. His art lends itslef well to the stories tones as well as Bendis’s humor. Some of his faces do look a little odd every now and then but overall its strong.

Ultimate Spiderman is what the Ultimate U. is always trying to be: a refreshing look at some of our most beloved heroes. Its strong writing and art work and a book that every true comic fan should be reading.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. this was one of my favorite issues of the series so far. If Peter is this powerful at 16 imagine when he’s around his 616 age.

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