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Story by Nick Spencer
Art by Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, & Walden Wong
Colors by Marte Gracia
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Kaare Andrews

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

By no means terrible, but a bit of a snoozer. I mean, in my fanboy head, I was thrilled to see Ultimate Layla Miller, Mr. Sinister, and… Apocalypse? Someone who goes by that name, anyway. But it took an awfully long time to get to the Sinister/Apocalypse reveal, without a whole lot else really taking place beforehand. Havok, another character who hasn’t been in the title since the reboot (I’m not sure anyone who appeared in this issue has), is rescued from a mental hospital in a weird way, for strange and cryptic reasons that I don’t know why I should care about. And I mean, that’s pretty much it. Nick Spencer has yet to really whet my appetite with Ultimate Comics X-Men, telling too large a story in such tiny increments. Luckily, this marks his departure from the title, and even though it seems rude to add a bunch of new threads without tying any up before you hand it off to a new writer, I’m excited to see what Brian Wood does with the pieces he’s been left. I should say, though, for all my griping about the script, Paco Medina’s art actually stepped up a notch this issue. It seemed surer of itself somehow, steadier and more confident, which really helped to carry the dry, meatless story. And all the panels of people being rapidly aged to death (of which there may have been more than necessary, but who cares?) really worked for me. Still, not quite enough to enhance the overall effect of the issue too greatly, as the story dragged its feet from cover to cover.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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