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Tracker is all about an FBI agent Alex O’Roark and what happens to him in his pursuit of an ‘unusual’ serial-killer.
There is a lot of story within this first issue. It reads more like a TV police drama than your standard comic book and not in a bad way. When we first meet
Alex,  REALLY bad things have already happened to him. In the aftermath of these events we are introduced to the supporting cast which contains a lot of stereotypical police drama characters: the beautiful girlfriend, the annoying tough-guy cop, the firm but fair boss and the mysterious ally. We only see the main villain briefly on one page but we are told enough about him during conversations between characters to know his backstory and methods.
      The only other time I have seen Francis Tsai’s art is in the Impaler trade paperback and, in that case, I wasn’t overly impressed. I’m not sure what else he has done since but this is better by leaps and bounds. Sometimes the faces seem a little ‘strange’ but overall it’s really good. The use of colours (especially red!) on the crime-scene pages is especially notable!
This book is definitely worth ‘tracking’ down!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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