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Y’know what I hate?  When a book is very obviously being written to
cash in on the major crossover.

Yes, this issue is another Red Skies
type crossover.

I understand that Aquaman doesn’t have an ongoing
series, and this is a fairly major thing as, now, all the original
Titans have become replacements of their mentors with this issue, and
that would have been fine, if it didn’t have the Tempest’s uncle being
an allegory for cashing in on the crossover. I doubt that was on
purpose, but you never know.

The art was fine, but the parallels
between Arthur and Garth were a little to heavy handed.

Instead of
being an decent contained solo story for the character in the book with
no other series to appear in, instead this just felt like a cash grab.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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