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I really enjoy Diggle’s work on this book.

 It really is an interesting
microcosm of where I think the whole Dark Reign is going to end up
going. The whole team doesn’t trust each other, has their own agendas
and is probably going to jump to safety at the first instance of it
even appearing to go pear shaped.

I really enjoy how Ghost is being
written, especially showing his true colors in this issue.

 I’m really
glad to see Melissa back this issue, I just hope she actually survives
the series, as she’s been one of my favorite characters for over a
decade now. I honestly would love to see her end up on an Avengers team
at some point. I could really see her fitting in on Mighty right now.

 The art is a damn good fit for this book as it’s dark and gritty but
still good as showing powers and heroics.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good

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