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Story by Roger Langridge
Art by Chris Samnee
Colors by Matthew Wilson
Letters by VC - Russ Wooton
Cover by Chris Samnee, Matthew Wilson

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I
am one of those people to blame for this series’ demise.  I didn’t start
picking up and reading this series until issue #6 when I had heard of
its imminent ending.  I wasn’t too interested in Thor, but I regret
dismissing this book, as it has proven to be most enjoyable.  The final
issue is a wonderful and perfect ending to me, assuaging any fear that
it would be rushed.

issue, Thor was surprisingly overwhelmed by many high-tech robots, and
in this issue, we get to see him overcome the odds once again with a
little help from playboy Tony Stark.  As a quick mention, I loved the
page of Pym being busy fighting aliens while Tony was busy with a boat
full of beautiful women, both situations preventing either Avenger from
helping Thor and Jane out immediately.  How typical.  Anyway, Thor’s
fight to escape the mysterious Mister K’s grasp was enjoyable as
always.  Seeing Thor ever so confident and reading the humor as he
fights his way to escape made for a great transition from serious to
light tone, a perfect one for the series.  A lot of humor also came from
interactions between Tony Stark and Thor, meeting for the first time. 
The creators do a great job in showcasing how the two are great foils
for each other.  One is chivalrous in both personality and battle, while
the other is more wild and reckless in all aspects of life.  It was
also great to see Thor point out the blazingly obvious to a genius like
Tony Stark after all the robots were downed.   Their interaction was
perfectly awkward and humorous.

artists provide beautiful work as always.  I am only a recent fan of
Samnee’s wonderful artwork, and this book perpetuates my love for it. 
The colors are also wonderfully perfect in this book.  From the dark,
dank lab to the bright outdoors, and even some electrical shock, the art
overall gives this book a great tone and completes the package.

last few pages were of course bittersweet, but couldn’t have been more
fitting.  Like our collective behavior towards this new title, the
people in town continue to be scared of and tentative towards Thor. 
But, as this series has proven, and as Thor proves himself with an act
of charity, one can trust Thor.  After reading this issue, I was left
extremely happy.  The tale of Thor and Jane has been nothing short of

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I think I like the Namor issue the best.

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