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The art in this book is fantastic and Ellis has a lot of really great big idea, which is important, since I don’t really feel like this book has much storytelling going on at all so far. 

We get a number of visceral scenes outlining what happens when man messes with nature and creates things that he can’t put down or destroy, paranoid governments fashioning apocalyptic living gods that immediately run amok.  The heavy handed moral of course being that anything godlike is inherently destructive. 

But, sadly none of what we get really reads like a continuing narrative, but rather just disjointed and episodic world creation.  We have a narrator from whom we hear about how all of these man-made gods came to be, and also shows us what became of the world after these gods were created, but our narrator doesn’t particularly come off as much more than a just device Ellis is using to tell a story where all the rest of the characters designed to be fairly inhuman and unrelatable.  What this book reads like so far is The Watchmen but only with every character as a variation of Dr. Manhattan.

I do think this book has a lot of potential and is worth picking up if just for the lovely Gastonny art, but the story has yet to actually deliver on that potential.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good

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