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Story by Tom DeFalco
Art by Yvel Guichet, Jonas Trindade, Iban Coello, Rob Lean, Tom Derenick, & Julius Gopez
Colors by Java Tartaglia, Richard Horie, Tanya Horie, David Curiel, & Nathan Eyring
Letters by Travis Lanham
Cover by Yvel Guichet, Jonas Trindade, & Java Tartaglia

Size: 48 pages
Price: 4.99

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Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I really think that nothing would be better for the DC universe than for all of the “families” to die in one big cataclysmic event.

  2. After the abrupt cross-over failure of “New Krypton” and “World of New Krypton” with DC pulling the plug on that event so quickly as it suffered down the stretch for a solid 2 years has me burnt out with these types of cross-over events as well. Kind of was hoping the new team of Lobdell and Rocafort had more time to establish their voice to the Super-Title before rushing into a big event with H’EL on Earth. Burnt out but still following.

    • Hopefully after this “Super” crossover Lobdell and Rocafort will do some character development. In this new 52, specifically the Superman title, we hardly know anything about the supporting cast. Is Lex a mad scientist? Is Lex a business man? How about a little info on Ma and Pa Kent? Perry White? Lana? Is Clark in love with Wonder Woman or Lois Lane? Hey DC Comics, establish Clark Kent’s world then tell us some exciting stories……..

  3. I actually liked this issue. It sets the character arc for Superboy to try to become a superhero. Right now he is fighting the intent of his creation to become a neutral player. Superman does lecture Superboy a lot, and it reminds me of the old relationship between Iron Man or Hawkeye and Captain America, where Cap used to push them to become better than they already were. Superman is clearly perturbed that someone would weaponize the smallest piece of him, but he is taking on the role of elder statesmen/father, much to the chagrin of Superboy. The issue did retell the whole story up to that point in many ways, but DC has chosen to forgo the recap page and it is an annual. Every comic is someone’s first.

  4. I’m a diehard Superman fan, but unlike characters like The Batman, Superman doesn’t have that strong of a supporting cast to really dive into, rogue-wise (other than Luthor, Brainiac and villains like Bizarro or Mxy.) Being a big Supes fan and all, the need to follow the entire Super-family doesn’t rank high on my list, which includes such titles of Superboy and Supergirl. That said, the Superboy and Supergirl issue’s in this cross-over isn’t as bad as what some people make it out to be. I think the cross-over event in general shines through in most of my reading, but this issue is tolerable and is necessary to the story. I’m enjoying the whole thing for what it’s worth.

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