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I read the teaser for this in Myspace/Dark Horse Presents, and thought “This is potentially, a huge waste of talent, in both writer and artist.”  I wasn’t wrong.  Sugar Shock is not for me.  I have been waiting for a while for a story involving musicians that wasn’t incredibly dull.  And, while this tried really hard to be interesting, it tried, perhaps, a bit too hard.  I don’t give an alien’s tail for any character in this book.  They’re written like two -dimension Buffy characters.  It’s zing! zing! whammo!  without any annoying character or plot development to get in the way of the oh-so-want-to-be-witty-repartee.

While Whedon comes off as unfocused, and only half-heartedly involved in this project, Fabio Moon’s artwork just didn’t connect with me.  It’s good.  And Dave Stewart’s colors give it the hip-colored manga look that Image and Dark Horse seem to be favoring right now.  It just seems, in some panels, fairly lazy.  As though this were something impressively sketched at a con, as opposed to agonized over for final printing.  The backgrounds are, at best, unimpressive.  The foregrounds are…well, there.  In fact, the sketches included in the back show more promise than any of the work that precedes it.  If I saw them before I read this issue, I’d be really excited, and, ultimately, let down by the final product.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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