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I really enjoyed the original series of Supreme Power done by Straczynski and was completely engaged by the characters and the world he fleshed out from the Squadron Supreme classics, so when a new run at the Squadron was underway I thought I’d check it out.

This book has really been Mediocre at best, its a novel idea that kinda died after the second issue.  The Spider-Man analogy and Iron Man were rather entertaining at first, but now that they have our heroes gathered together it seems like we’ve just been having to wait things out with them and are growing annoyed and bored just like the Icarus One Crew.

While we’re waiting for this story to go anywhere we’re privileged with completely fallacious art by Marco Turini.  I don’t think that it’s “godawful”, but its not my favorite.  I loved Gary Frank and Greg Land (who did Ultimate Power and this issue’s cover), and understand if they have other projects, but can someone please check over Turini’s work.  Several times in this issue Ultimate Nick Fury appears sans eyepatch (most notably on page 31) and/or without his facial hair.  His appearance changes page to page and is enough to make a semi-interested reader trade this in for a copy of “Archie’s something else”, where at least the characters are drawn with a semblance of continuity.

There are other flaws in the book but I won’t go on.  If you have $3 to throw around go for it, otherwise leave this one on the stands or hope staffing changes for issue 7 and jump on then.  I may be jumping off by that point.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. i gave up aftter two issues.  i keep hearing people say chaykin this amazing legendary creator, but i have actually hated anything ive seen him write or draw.  his writing is terrible and his art so bad i droped Punisher War Journal becuase i couldnt take him anymore, and anytime i see him on something i actually enjoy, i groan.

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