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I’ve been following this book since issue one and since Darwyn Cooke left it has kind of been coasting along, usually entertaining but never amazing or anything. This was the first issue since Darwyn Cooke’s run that had both great art and a good story and really felt like Eisner’s universe and style. I’ve been a fan of Oeming since first reading Powers and its great to see him operating in The Spirit universe. there are some stunning pages and the story has real pace. It’s a shame this book is coming to an end, if more issues had been like this one maybe it could have survived a bit longer.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I agree I didn’t really like this book after Cooke left.  I decided to give Oeming a try because everyone constantly says he’s amazing.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Nice review.

  2. Thanks jstump, I meant to mention in my review that its a shame Oeming didn’t do the cover as his artwork is a real stand out, The cover on this issue is good but its no better then the rest of the recent issues.

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