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Hulk (& Rulk) have nothing on Grundy. Two issues into this miniseries, and I can already tell you
that it’s better than whatever Loeb’s shat out for the current
Hulk series.

Now, that is not to say that this is a pinnacle of comic-book writing
and art in any way, shape or form. It is, however, a fun action-packed
brawler that still manages to respect your intelligence (as much as any
superhero comic can) while still appealing to one’s inner fanboy (as
much as any superhero comic can). It’s a simple enough story, with
Grundy trying to discover and forgive the murderer of Cyrus Gold (his
alter-ego) in order to break his curse and finally get some rest.
However, while he is helped and encouraged by the likes of the Phantom
Stranger and Alan Scott, Grundy has to put up with distractions like
the Demon, Etrigan, and the always lovable Bizarro (and much more on
the way). This makes for plenty of heroics and murders and laughs all
within a mere 20 pages.

If there one thing that is hindering this book, I’ll go ahead and say
that it’s the art, but only to a point. Kolins’ art makes for some
fluid storytelling and intertwining between art and script – which is
needed for a book as busy as this one – and packs in plenty of warped,
zombie grit. Perhaps too much grit. While Alan, Etrigan, and those of
Gold’s life look just fine, Grundy himself (and Bizarro, for this
issue) have a bit too much happening on their physical features and it
sometimes look like messy work done by Bryan Hitch (who is illustrating
Loeb’s other Marvel masterpiece at the moment, Ultimatum).

Overall, this book is a great read. A nice little roller-coaster that
doesn’t leave your brain rattled or stomach unsettled. I recommend the
book for anyone who’s a fan of Grundy or, you know, fun.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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