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PENCILS: Billy Tan

Size: 32 pages
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This is the story that Daredevil has been leading up to all these months. While I’ve been on the fence about whether or not the direction is the right one, I can’t argue that this story, with this issue in particular, definitely leaves Matt Murdock in an interesting place. As a long time fan, I can appreciate the change of pace. The problem, really, is that Matt is still “Mopey Matt.” While the Hand has definitely played a role in his further descent, I can’t help but miss the Daredevil of old. I can appreciate kicking a hero while he’s down, but Murdock’s been so far down for so long he’s probably puckering up to give the core of the Earth a kiss. Despite all of that, I found myself enjoying the issue. This series will definitely pit the street level characters in an interesting battle of sorts, and I’m intrigued to see how it will all play out. I also want to see the Hand get what’s coming to them, which is inevitably going to be Matt’s saving grace (hopefully….). I was also surprised by Billy Tan’s art. It was much sharper with a more muted color palate. I believe that last time I saw his work was in the Daredevil List special, and while it was good, it definitely had the Marvel color saturation and a looser feel. All in all, it was a solid issue with solid art. I will say that this is not for people who have dropped DD already…it’s only getting more mopey.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. No doubt Matt is Marvel’s whipping boy. He cant have a relationship because all his women die, some more than once. His friends, die. His family, dies. The one thing that wont die, his enemies. Even when he kills them, they don’t die. He cannot keep an apartment or job. You’d think being blind would be enough?

    So now he is going to try and save, The Hand???? 

    Matt Murdock is a manic depressive moron, bless his heart.

    Honestly I hope he cracks up. I hope he starts killing people, a lot of them, especially The Shroud, he is stealing his gimmick.

    Seriously if Marvel had the guts to make DD Bullseye with a law degree  I would love it. A character much likeHunter Rose. A man who can circumnavigate the system in court and passes judgement in the streets.

    The tortured hero thing is decades old and played out. I want a Matt Murdock who is 100% on his game and flaunts his ability to beat the system and the odds.


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