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Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art and Cover by Alex Maleev

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.95

Perhaps not unlike a lot of political movements, Scarlet is a book that disappeared from the shelves and then quickly from people’s memory. The long awaited Scarlet #6 may be the cataclysm that propels it back into relevance and makes people stand up and take notice. Our red-headed anti-hero has been biding her time underground, gathering her Generals and making ready to continue her war. This issue sees her resurfacing to issue a call to arms against the Powers That Be…in this case, the Portland Police Department.

Maleev’s painted style looks like nothing else on the rack, which is a fine compliment to a story by Bendis that is ripe with moral ambiguity. The thing I love about this book is that it’s future is as unpredictable as the political movements it commentates on. How big will this get? Where will it take us? Only time will tell.

Lets just hope that time decides to do so once a month instead of once a year.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Scarlet #6 actually came out? Wow…. I got so sick and tired of waiting for Bendis to produce any of his Icon books, I dropped this title from my pull list a long time ago. God only knows when or if #7 will appear. Takio, Brilliant, and Powers are also close to non-existant. I don’t think I really care any more. How sad. The first 5 issues were genius.

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