Review by: SummerSleep
Story and art ERIK LARSEN

Size: pages
Price: 3.50

With all the news about race diversification going on this week for the major two companies, Savage Dragon has been there from the start. From the original Dragon (O.D = O.G) having relationships with different races and the current star of the book, Malcom, being mixed race, here’s where you can see the greatness that the two bigger companies are no trying to tap into.
Of course, with all that aside, you still have the comic book, and what a good read it is.
Anyone who wants to make comics need to read Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen makes you laugh, makes you feel emotion, all within different page turns. Each panel is this wonderfully whimsicial journey that doesn’t take itself too seriously yet doesn’t let that get in the way of telling a great story.
I’ve read Savage Dragon’s first archives, a few issues of the emperor dragon story, and pretty much each issue for about 5 back maybe, and I will admit I don’t know all the characters, but Larsen doesn’t get me tripping over my own feet. You understand relationships immediately, just by how they are acted by the characters and treated. You don’t know everything, and I certainly don’t, but that doesn’t get in the way of telling a great story.
The art is awesome, if you like Jack Kirby’s art, I can’t imagine how you could not like Larsen. The pages feel quickly drawn, even though they obviously weren’t.
So you’re getting a top storyteller, telling a great story with lots of depth and desire to get you to read more, plus some amazing art that at times will leave you being like WHY ARE THE ROBOTS SO COOL LOOKING!
ANDDDDDD you get an extra backup story, as well as a really fun letters column. All for the greatly reasonable price of 3.50.
This isn’t the best issue of Dragon ever, but it is still fulfills the promise of classic comic books while doing great story telling that is seldom matched in a monthy, that appears like clockwork.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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