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This book was pretty awesome. First off, it uses an unusual page size format, basically a widescreen. The artist excels at cityscapes, and thus the city of Verona, as depicted in the future with these beautiful wide vistas as incredible computer-assisted art, is a central character and works very very well. I’d buy the book for the cityscapes alone.

The story is of course good ole Bill Shakespeare’s classic, retold in a future Earth where the city of Verona dominates the world due to its superior military, led by the Montague family who developed bio-cybernetics (think cyborg) and the Capulets who developed bio-engineering (think Captain America supersoldier). But those two families have developed a gang-like rivalry that threatens Verona.

The art for Juliet is stunning. She is beautiful, young, and utterly believable, and contrasts with the rest of the cast, mostly male.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book, but I did have a few quibbles. The action scenes had poor choreography, they looked great, you knew a fight was happening, but you couldn’t really follow the details of the fight. The author also took some liberties with how people die in the story that I thought undercut a little how Romeo’s actions are driven by his passion for Juliet.


Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. On re-reading my review, I’m still not sure I’ve emphasized enough how beautiful the art was, not just the cityscapes, but the contrasts of light and dark and the characters who all looked fantastic.

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