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By Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek, John Cassaday, Alex Ross & Dave Stevens

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

Oh Dave Stevens how I miss you and this book made me more than a wee bit maudlin’.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Really, really sharp review. Some great insights on why you enjoy each of the sections. All the enthusiasm comes through with the addition of thoughtful analysis. Keep ’em coming! 

  2. Thanks mate.

  3. Next time I’ll make sure I’m fully awake. And I can’t believe I hugged my Rocketeer book! Oh wait I love that book. 

  4. Hey, great review!

  5. my favorite cover from last week,soo good.

  6. great review by the way. you made me want to watch the movie again,netflix time.

  7. Spot-on review!  Your enthusiasm and love for the material is apparent, a love for the work that I share.  I, too, became hooked on The Rocketeer after viewing the movie when I was 16.  I tried to track down as many issues as I could, but I could only find two of Cliff’s New York Adventure.  I remember the credits of the movie stating that it was based off of a “graphic novel”, and anxiously waited years for the release of a compilation.  I agree, the deluxe version IDW’s compilation is a beautiful work of art, and I highly, highly suggest it!  Also, although the third story was strong as well, it did suffer from the lack of Cliff’s presence.  However, I REALLY enjoyed the idea of Cliff participating in World War II.  I believe that event offers a plethora of potentially amazing storylines that I hope other authors take advantage of in the future.  Great review!!!

  8. @dentonkenobi  I really wish I could go back and add something to this review. This review was done on the first read and I think that story in particular really needed a second read. It had a warmth that was lost on a me the first time where I was reading it and saying “Wait this is different!” instead of seeing that story as a unique viewpoint in the life of Betty. 

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