Review by: glcfarmboy
By Darwyn Cooke

Size: 334 pages
Price: 75.00

Whether you already own Darwyn Cooke’s adaptations of The Hunter and The Outfit or not, two things are clear just from a quick glance at this gigantic hardcover. Firstly, it is unspeakably gorgeous. And secondly, if you’re any kind of fan of the comics medium, you need this book in your life! The stuff you’ve probably seen before doesn’t look just as good in this volume- it looks so much better. I mentioned that the book was gigantic, right? Well, seeing Cooke’s incredible art printed Absolute-size makes this so much more of a visual feast. Every line, every shadow, every negative space breathes and sings in this format. Forget the story, with art this good I would have paid the cover price just to see the pretty pictures.
As for the new material (and there is quite a good bit of new stuff here) is also stunning. A great new short story and some beautiful portraits of Hollywood greats round off the whole package nicely, making it not just a bit of a treat but in fact pretty much indispensable.
Nobody who buys this amazing book will be disappointed, and even those who’ve followed Cooke through both Parker books already couldn’t possibly feel short-changed.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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