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Look, I’m the first to concede that the first season of Resurrection looked and read like a Walking Dead knock off, but damnit it was a first rate, state of the art knock off, the kind you call your friends about, bragging how this dude with this truck just gave you the deal of a lifetime (six bucks for the first trade—I mean, c’mon!). The first season’s sparse black and white art perfectly matched Guggenheim’s dark vision of a world recovering from its own corruption under Alien rule. It was spooky and moody (yes, in the same way Walking Dead is), and the story propelled you forward under the notion that all its characters were vulnerable on multiple levels (yes, in the same way Walking Dead does). Like was smartly noted on a recent Around Comics, there’re a lot of super hero books which look like a lot of other super hero books; why can’t a post apocalyptic book like another post apocalyptic book? It was good, and that’s enough. Which is why, thus far, I’ve been somewhat disappointed by the second season of Resurection. Now it’s still perfectly fine and nowhere near bad, but the seeming decision to move away from the feel of Walking Dead through a more cartoony art style, a more plot driven storyline, and, ugh, color, has resulted in the book gaining its own feel and losing a lot of its previous fun. This issue was perfectly fine and perfectly standard, focused on Ben’s desperation to uncover a secret, which leads ironically to him revealing a secret about himself. It had action and twists and character moments, and it didn’t feel anything like Walking Dead, and maybe that’s not such a good thing. Sometimes it’s OK to be a knock off, to be second, to be Mr. Marvel and not be Superman. Just go back and re-read those original Mr. Marvel, some of them are pretty good, a lot of them are better than the original, and all of them are better than a thousand other original characters that looked nothing like the man of steel. Resurection had a nice thing going, yes it was someone else’s nice thing, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t nice, and, hopefully, it doesn’t mean that it’s too late to go back.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average

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