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I’ve been following this run of Red Sonja nearly since it began and I
have to say this might be the best issue I’ve read.  There’s always
been a consistent look to the title that I’ve always loved and one of
the main reasons I had continued with the book for so long.  Before this series I wasn’t
too familiar with the character outside of the movie and the fact that she was a
hot, warrior woman.  Knowing that I followed the title and was disappointed that I found that the story in the book only kept me
interested in spurts.  For the most part it felt somewhat repetitive in
the adventures but whenever they showed peeks and glimpses of Red
Sonja’s past I was always immediately intrigued in reading what happened to
make her who she is.

This issue looks like it’s going to be a
turning point for the series.  The title had just finished a storyline
that was a bit shaky and maybe an issue or two too long, but the
creative team is taking Red Sonja in a new direction that might just
pay off given how much I enjoyed this issue.  The deconstruction of Red
Sonja as a character looks to be the focus for the next few issues if
they continue the trend from this issue and if that’s true I’m going to
hate that I decided to drop this book following the next issue and
follow it through trades.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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