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Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Miguel Sepulveda
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Variant Cover by Ivan Reis

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

As someone who dropped Red Lanterns a long time ago, I will fully admit the Rise of the Third Army was the only reason I picked this up. And in some respects, I feel both as though I’ve missed some key points…and that it doesn’t matter.

The bulk of this book is the reason I dropped it; it’s the story of someone whose life is shattered in some way and is, consequently, full of rage. And becaus ethe character’s story is told so quickly, there’s just not enough of a reason to care deeply. It’s not that the character hasn’t gone through a horrific event. It’s that we don’t get time to be invested emotionally in the character. I like Peter Milligan but his work on this title has always seemed fairly by the numbers.

And it seems rage isn’t what is used to be anyway, at least with respect to the Red Lanterns. Which adds the main attraction to the book. Atrocitus is extra protective over his Lanterns and horrified at what happens when they meet members of the Third Army. Which leads to a discovery that will likely play out in a larger way as the vent goes forward.

As far as art goes, it’s fine. I don’t know that it’s spectacular but it looks good and that is the other redeeming part of the book.

So all in all, nothing here will convince me to pick up Red Lanterns after the Third Army event. It’s pretty by the numbers but not so bad that I’m enraged. Guess I still don’t get my red ring.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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