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Although I’ve been a fan of the Legion of Superheroes for many years (I first fell in love with the LoSH back in the Suberboy days, when Dave Cockrum and Mike Grell were drawing the series), I’ve never really felt much interest in the L.E.G.I.O.N. characters.  So when this mini-series debuted I ignored it.  But after hearing rave reviews online I decided to give it a try and picked up issues #1 and #2, and read both back-to-back.


I was very impressed by both Bedard’s story and Clarke’s artwork.  The illustrations are energetic and detailed in a pleasant way (I really like the stippling effect), and the dialogue and plot economically tell the story while also explaining the characters.  As a relative novice to the L.E.G.I.O.N. world I never felt lost or confused by what I was reading, and I was almost immediately invested in the story and in the characters.  I highly recommend this series to anyone looking for a fun read that, at least so far, is free from the burden of continuity!  Highly entertaining!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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