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Written by Sean Murphy
Art by Sean Murphy
Cover by Sean Murphy

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

In case there were any doubters after the first issue of “Punk Rock Jesus” that the central hero of this limited series is Thomas, the security guard shaped by his orphanhood spent with the IRA, rather than Chris, the clone of Jesus Christ designed to live his life on the reality show “J2”, issue two puts those questions to rest.

This second issue also makes clear that “Punk Rock Jesus” is not just a satire of religion and the reality-television industry, but that the book (and Thomas himself) are meant as an allegory for the mythic story of the man named Jesus, whether one believes in His divinity or not.

“Punk Rock Jesus” is not a simple near-future transcription of the life and times of one Mr. Jesus H. Christ of Nazareth. This book explores, twists, and reexamines many ofthe themes of the Biblical story of Jesus: sacrifice, love, greed, fear, burden, self-reliance, redemption, and ultimately (one would expect) salvation.

Issue two is as good as the first; while issue one set up the world-changing scenario with deft efficiency, issue two quickly advances the dense (yet accessible) story. The first issue’s final panels may have been addressed with a new development from the project’s geneticist Dr. Epstein, we see a bit more of Thomas gritty childhood, and the pressure of being the new Mother of God begins to take its toll on young Gwen.

This is a title that has grabbed me quickly. While Sean Murphy’s story probably is best told in a limited series, I am a little sad to know that we’ll only have these characters for a handful of more issues. But until it’s over, Peace be with you.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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