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Written by Sean Murphy
Art by Sean Murphy
Cover by Sean Murphy

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Punk Rock Jesus is one of the most controversial and shocking comics you are ever going to read, however this is a comic that does not succeed on pure shock value. Sean Murphy’s opening issue to his six part mini-series asks so many questions it’s astounding he managed to compress it all in one single issue.
In 1996, Dolly the Sheep became the first ever successfully cloned mammal, a historic landmark and since then it has become a highly complex and ethical debate in scientific and religious circles. Whether it’s in a college lecture hall, a place of worship or just a drunken fuelled rabble at your local pub, everyone has their own, interesting opinion on the subject. With Punk Rock Jesus, Murphy gives the reader an extreme situation, by cloning none other than the Son of God.
This issue deals with the controversial conception and build up to the birth and it is all recorded for “J2”, the reality TV show. If that isn’t enough to arouse your suspicion, there’s also an ex-IRA terrorist, throngs of far right Christians groups and a final page to make your heart stop cold. There’s a lot going on here but Murphy delivers it seamlessly with terrific pacing and a great set of characters.
The series brings up the age old rivalry of science versus religion, knowledge versus belief. Sean Murphy is a self-proclaimed atheist and it is evident in this comic as he mildly satirises some of the extreme Christian beliefs and definitely takes the side of science. Some might say this may be an unfair approach and that it should be called down the line but this just adds to the controversy of the book. This is a series which tunes into your beliefs and your enjoyment may depend on how liberal you are with them. Needless to say it’s great to see a comic asking these types of questions and challenging readers, someone has to, and Sean Murphy leaves nothing to chance.
Perhaps more known for his art, Murphy’s work here is fantastic. Many people have a stern stance on black and white art but it really applies here, giving an abrasive feel to the comic. It really adds to the hard themes and topics and hopefully won’t detract readers from picking it up. The pencils are sharp and very detailed and some of the images are quite vivid.
Punk Rock Jesus still has my mind racing after reading it and kind of makes all those superhero comics I read, a little insignificant (I’ll never give them up!). Whether it will appeal to a large audience is yet to be seen but I would highly recommend picking this up. It’s bold and shocking and we haven’t even met the punk rock Jesus yet! This is going to be one to remember.

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Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Ahhhhh paragraphs! Sorry guys, the site ate all of my paragraphs. Why is there no editing!

  2. I actually think this pretty much glossed over the controversy. Maybe they’ll be more in later issues as the clone grows up but I felt the clash between science and religion was almost non-existant in this issue. Also their was almost no outrage over the cloning shown in this issue. Aside from the ONE protest scene there really didn’t seem to be anyone too upset by J2 cloning the son of god.

    • Yeah I was kind of discussing the general worldview of cloning and it’s ethics, rather than the standpoint in the book. More a reader reaction than anything else because it definitely had my head spinning at the end with all these questions.

    • Gotcha. I’m definitely intrigued by this, it will be interesting to see where this all goes as the clone grows up.

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