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If you like Punisher, and you’re not reading this series yet, you may be the victim of a gypsy curse.

If you like Garth Ennis, and you’re not reading this series yet, you may be suffering severe head trauma.

If you don’t really care for either Punisher or Garth Ennis, but you like a good story, go pick up “Welcome Back, Frank”, and then start reading this series.  The original series drew me into the Punisher series, despite my lifelong stance that The Punisher is a great background or guest character, but not a character who can really carry his own title.  This mini-series continues the magic.

Read the series, and then go to your local comic book store and buy the glow in the dark Punisher skull hoodie.  It’s much more stylish than the “Heaven’s Gate Away Team” armbands, and slightly less likely to get you identified as a cult member.  I’ve got mine.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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