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Welcome back Ennis. It was only a few months ago Garth Ennis left the Punisher Max comic, and I for one missed his work. But now he is back with his good buddy Steve Dillon on art for the six issue weekly Punisher: War Zone. A sequel to his earlier work on the 12 issue min Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank. I was lucky to have read Welcome Back, Frank, over the summer.


The story picks up with Frank taking Charlie, a mob goon and usually a punching bag for the Alceno mob, who was one his way to be executed for upsetting the boss. Frank need Charlie to get information for him, due to a rumor of the Italian side of the former Gnuccis Family.  


Gnuccis Family, for those who haven’t read W.B.F., was this big mob family lead by Ma Gnuccis. Ma was the kind of bitch from hell that kept on living and running the family, even after being mauled by polar bears.

Frank know there can’t be any extended family, but just to be sure he plan on nipping it in the bud.


Some familiar face/masked appear in this issue. The Elite, a-would-be-Punisher, if the Punisher was some fascist rich guy, who kills any one who would lower the tone of his neighborhood. The Elite only appeared in W.B.F and was killed in the end. Now his son takes up the mask and gun to kill hoboes and ultimately the Punisher.

And Molly Clinton, the lesbian cop from W.B.F. who has now been placed on the new Gnuccis case.


I enjoyed this issue, I would recommend reading W.B.F. before reading War Zone, but it not really need. Ennis write a fun rape-free story, but still contains the Ennis charm for violence. To include a scene of a guy’s balls being ripped off by a monkey. Dillon’s art is enjoyable and has the right mind set for this comic. So that it folks, I enjoyed Punisher: War Zone, not much else to say about it.      

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I wonder how much the timing of the release of this mini was meant to coincide with the movie and if the fact that it’s weekly had anything to do with it.

    DC did a weekly thing with Joker’s Asylum after Dark Knight…

  2. It’s got the same name, so… it’s absolutely timed to match the movie.

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