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Dear Marvel,

Most of your artists can’t seem to be able to draw faces anymore.  There are lines where there shouldn’t be lines, and shadows where there needn’t be shadows.  Tan Eng Huat appears to think Frank Castle needs a Family Guy style chin, instead of the one he’s had in every other issue of Punisher I’ve ever read.  He is mistaken.

Is there some company-wide mandate that all Marvel artists have to draw pencil lines all over people’s faces, or is this just a lousy trend in comic art in general, like the many pockets and posturing of the Marvel 90s?

Either way, please, please, please make it stop.  It sucks more than Spider-Woman at a superhero rest stop bathroom.

This story was pretty okay, but I couldn’t focus on it, as I kept wanting to take an eraser to all the characters’ faces.



p.s. the cover for the next issue looks ok, except for the fact that Frank Castle (or Francis Castiglione) looks like he’s modeling for Mary Kay.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 1 - Poor

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