Preacher HC Book 02

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Written by Garth Ennis
Art by Steve Dillon
Cover by Glenn Fabry

Size: 368 pages
Price: 39.99

Suffice to say this second volume, in the newly issued HC editions of Preacher – is gorgeous if not overpriced. Collecting issues 13-26 of the series, you meet a swell of new fantastic characters and start to uncover the bigger picture in this finite series.

Suggesting this book to others is one of the biggest no-brainers in comics. Recommending this HC edition for new readers on the other hand, is debatable, if only because of the cost. The first two HC books in this series will set you back (srp) at $80 and cover the first 26 issues – whereas the same issues are collected in volume 1-3 of the TPB editions, and will set you back at about $45 (obviously you can find deals online at Amazon, IST, etc).

Overall if you’re already a huge fan of the series I’d say these HC editions are an “absolute” must. Pun intended. Those waiting for an Absolute edition are going to continue to do just that – wait. If DC/Vertigo were going to Absolute Preacher they wouldn’t be doing this HC editions…….but who knows.

***Note: These HC’s are not deluxe edition or oversized in anyway and contain zero extras from the TPB’s, with the exception of new forwards.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. You can pick them both up on Amazon for less than fifty.

  2. That’s true. You can also pick up the first 3 tpb’s for $30. But these HC’s are nice. Worth the extra cost? To each their own I guess. 

  3. The paper stock on these hardcovers is really, really thin. I’m torn. These harcovers are nice, but they really cheaped out on the paper quality.

  4. @Howl4Me – Funny thing is, it’s a bit of an upgrade from the tpb paper stock. Unlike the Deluxe Y the Last Man editions, which are bigger & have a nice thick paper stock. I still have no idea what Vertigo was thinking NOT deluxing or absoluting Preacher. Though Ennis & Dillon have full rights all the way through, so maybe it was there call. Who knows…….?

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