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In Japan, where the manga is currently released in “Big Comics Spirits”, Astro Boy is huge. Real huge! (But not huge enough to beat stories about schoolgirls…)
So, the fact that there is a new ongoing series, that reimagines the classical Astro Boy tale, is pretty exciting for manga fans. More exciting got people when the news broke, that the superstar Naoki Urasawa is going to do it. I, personally, just read 20th Century Boys and was anxious to see his next project. I did expect something different, which is why Pluto knocked my socks off. He took a more complex but simple written route on this one. The story follows a murder mystery, in which pro-robot activist and scientist are the victims. When the robot officer “Gesicht” (German for “face”) comes to a crime scene he noticed two horns. That is actually the first chapter of this series. The stories are written from the point of view of Gesicht, which was pretty startling because you’d expect to see it through Atom’s (Astro Boy)eyes.
That brings me to this volumes highlight. When Gesicht meets Atom at a café, he encounters a child rather than robot. They order food, even if they cannot process the food. The line between human and robot becomes blurred, and leaves the reader thinking about where the difference between those advanced robots and humans is.

Urasawa didn’t get better, but he doesn’t need to. His designs for Tezuka’s classic characters, are fresh and fit the story. Much like his work on 20th Century, which was defined by his simple and yet effective storytelling, is Pluto a great read that leaves the reader begging for more…on the corner of the street. In Vegas. Half Naked. With unwashed teeth. Have Fun!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


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