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If you don’t like character prattling on and on about music, and not doing anything remotely interesting, this comic isn’t for you.  The A-side story in this issue involves talking about music, and it’s drawn the way a majority of Vertigo titles are currently drawn, which is cool if something is happening, but rather dull if they’re standing around talking about music that you can’t hear.  It’s like watching an action movie with the video off.

The B-side story, while no more fun, story-wise for me, was at least visually fantastic.  Lee O’Connor seemed to have a lot more fun creating the visuals for this story than Leigh Gallagher had with his.  The page where metaphors broke through a brick wall and chased the protagonist was so good, I wished it was attached to a story I cared about.  The shift from bright colored acid Britpop visuals to the muted greys and greens of the final two pages, was also masterful, but seemed wasted to me.

I definitely won’t be picking up any more issues.  But I will keep a look out for any projects O’Connor is working on.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Dude, I’m sorry but you really have no idea. Yes, you can’t hear the music on the page, but if you have any sense the backmatter should send you spiralling towards your local record shop, itunes or failing that, bittorrent. Gillen knows his shit when it comes to awesome pop music, jump in!

    I read the preview and if the issue is only another 2 thirds of the same stuff it could well be the best comic I’ve read all year, seriously.

    Expand yur record collection! Girls will thank you.

  2. Yea, I downloaded a few of the songs last night.  I liked a few of them.  That doesn’t mean I want to read about other people liking them.  If I wanted to see hipsters, standing around talking about music, I’d head out to Allston, MA at 2 AM when the bars let out. 

     A good way to get me sprawling to the record store to check out the music he’s talking about is to tell an interesting story, and then make a track list.  Not just have an annoying girl talking to an annoying girl about the kind of music she needs to hear at a club.  It’s dull reading.  And it might have gotten better as it progressed (though the first issue didn’t for me, which is why I bailed out part way through this one), but the beginning was not engaging.  And that’s poor storytelling.

     Again, the second half was better, as things actually happened, and the artwork was intriguing, and well thought out, not just a bunch of people standing around trying to look cool. 

  3. I hate to disagree with everyone else on the site, but I whole heartedly agree with Akamuu.

  4. I give this review five stars hehe.

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