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Well I was all set to let Ron have it about this book.  His early review and unabashed enthusiasm for it, all of the “Brit Pop” references, I know that he is a fan of “90210”, “Gossip Girl”, “Veronica Mars” and things in that vein, so I’m thinking he’s a bit of a chick and was prepared to give him a hard time about this selection.

Then I read the book.

Th art is fantastic, very detailed, yet very clean and un-flashy.  It reminds of “The Sword”, in that the art is so smooth, and not overwhelming like a lot of artists tend to do these days.  For me the art is a component of the story, and is supposed to visualize the words, and this book does exactly that.  You get the feeling that you are in the club, watching the night unfold around the characters. 

Which leads me to the story. not having read the first story I was a bit lost as to what a “Phonomancer” is, but it was made clear throughout the story and I felt the writer did a great job of relating through the lead character Penny B., all that a new readeer would need to  know.  Since the book is one of seven stories relating to the same night, told from different perspectives.  And this issue sets up several possible characters that we may hear from, the grouchy DJ, Penny’s friend Laura, the “cuute” guy, and the woman in the ladies room.  each one will add a little something to the tapestry, and will be something to look forward to.

I actully enjoyed all of the musical references, and for the bands that I was unfamiliar with, there is a glossary in the back of the book that explains them for the musical neophyte.  And after the glossary there are two additional stories, both of them are musical in nature, and yet not even remotely similar.  And the price. Three stories for $3.50.  In this current trend of ever escaliting prices and diminishing returns, The Singles Club is also is great value for your comic dollar.  I loved it and have added it to my pull list at the LCS.

And I have to admit the song Pull Shapes is infectious as hell! I bet Ron is at his place getting his dance on!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Hey!  Veronica Mars is awesome!  Not just for chicks!  

  2. I love VERONICA MARS.  Ron does not.

  3. Ok I misspoke, remove Veronica Mars. 

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