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Robbing the graves of some of the DCU’s villains doesn’t quite seem like a topic that you would find on the pages of Nightwing, and yet, the last few issues have woven an amazing and fun story around this very concept.  In this issue, the story continues with Tim and Dick arriving at a secret lair of none other than Talia.  Dick suspects that she has her dirty little hands involved in this somehow.  But is he right?  Well, you’ll just have to read the issue, but I think you’ll find it very enlightening.

Tomasi continues to weave an excellent tale and some of the best moments in this issue are the interactions between Tim and Dick.  It’s obvious that these two characters care about each other, and even though they’re not blood brothers, these two interact as if they were joined in the womb.  The result is great dialogue that rivals any “buddy-cop movie schtick” and helps to continue adding to the relationship that these two share.  Oh, and the mystery in the story is pretty darn interesting too.  My one qualm about the way Robin is protrayed in this book is that he is constantly getting captured.  This isn’t the first story where Dick has to go rescue him, and I just wish creators wouldn’t make Tim the “damsel in distress” in these books.

That aside, I felt that Don Kramer’s pencils were simply adequate.  I thought back to the issues he drew for Ra’s resurrection, where they seemd more finished.  Here we see his pencils as they were back when he first started on Detective.  They’re not bad, per se, but I’ve seen better from him.  I missed Morales’ pencils in this issue as he was doing a fantastic job, but if Kramer could get his level back to where he was, I wouldn’t mind having him draw it either.

If you can, find the back issues and hop onto this series.  It’s been nothing but fun, and with Tomasi at the typwriter, I think we’re in for a lot more goodness.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good

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