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I sometimes wonder if I obsess over continuity too much. I know no one
but me cares that Sorcerer Supreme isn’t so much a title as a trophy that
Stephen won in Triumph and Tragedy Prestige issue that Roger Stern wrote with
Mignola art that was awesome, but I can’t stop caring. Stephen doesn’t need to
give up the Eye or the cape or anything along those lines. He could have given
it up or lost it or any number of things and I wouldn’t be forced to nerd out
over this, but he didn’t and I do.

Anyway, I’m as much as I bitch about the
premise of the issue, I like the story. I think Bachalo is doing spectacular
stuff on this book and building up Brother Voodoo is no small feat. And, not to
be heartless or anything, but is there really no place to land a quinjet in New
Orleans? I thought the whole point was they were very maneuverable and it’s not
like there isn’t a lot of empty property in the city right now. It kind of
defeats the purpose of a rapid response vehicle if you have to spend the issue
looking for a parking space like a soccer mom.

I liked this issue, but I didn’t
love it, and I think most of the reason I didn’t love it was my deep seated
nerdiness, and I’m okay with that.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I wasn’t away of the Dr. Strange continuity error but they seem to be a problem recently in this book. I mean, I don’t read Ms. MArvel but I though Carol Danvers dies in that book like 2 months ago. Did that happen or not?

  2. You, and everyone really, should read Triumph and Tragedy where Steven gets the title Socerer Supreme for the first time. It’s got some awesome Mike Mignola art and is probably one of the defining moments for Strange and Doom.


    As for Ms Marvel, She blew up and we didn’t get a body. She isn’t dead, but they want to cash in on the DR storyline and the only way to really do that is give the title to Moonstone. That doesn’t bug me as much as the SS stuff, mostly because it’s incredibly transparent what and why they’re doing it and it isn’t something that has been around long enough to be venerated. 

  3. Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up. Is Ms. Marvel a title worth reading?

  4. not really. At least not right now. It was okay when it was carol, but it’s pretty inconsistent  with Karla

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