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Story by Brandon Graham
Art by Brandon Graham
Cover by Brandon Graham

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

If you’ve never read a Brandon Graham comic before, take a few deep breaths before reading. If you’re only familiar with Graham’s work on Prophet, you should know that while both of these books are unusual, and both are science fiction, Multiple Warheads is a completely different type of both those things.

Attempting to describe the plot of this book would be akin to a small child telling a joke that’s been explained to him but that he’s never heard. You might get the general sense of the punchline, but so much depends on the delivery that you’d rather not have heard anything at all.

Brandon Graham’s writing is unlike anything else being done right now. He gives you four facts and four character descriptions on the title page, and it’s the perfect atlas for the weird trip you’re about to take.

The text is filled with puns that would be absolutely groanworthy if your weird uncle or your trying-too-hard friend slipped them into conversation. With Graham, they’re part of the landscape (sometimes, literally). If his writing style isn’t completely unique, I’ve yet to encounter a similar voice. His art, on the other hand, is hardly groundbreaking, but it is the perfect vehicle for the aforementioned trip.

If you’re tired of superhero comics, or relationship comics, or noir comics, or comics in general, this may be the perfect weird ingredient to reset your palate.

I have a huge stack left to get through, but I have a hard time believing this won’t end up my pick of the week.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Haha. Great review.

  2. Bought this on your recommendation (and some one else’s). I liked it. Thanks,

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