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Written by Eric Wallace
Pencilled by Gianluca Gugliotta
Inked by Wayne Faucher
Lettered by David L. Sharpe

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

So RIP Mister Terrific, you poor bastard. Your book was perhaps the least loved, least bought of the New 52. We were so excited to see you in a book of your own, but right from the start virtually nothing went right for you. You were saddled with a pointless team of supporting cast, lumpy art work and some of the worst dialogue I’ve ever read in comics. Even your costume got one of the worst redesigns of the relaunch – “Fair Play” tattoos instead of the iconic jacket? What idiot thought that was a good idea? (At least you escaped the leg pouches.)

So let’s hope Earth 2 is a bit kinder to you – God knows it can hardly get any worse, because there isn’t a jury in the land that would convict DC for terminating this book: this was a mercy killing.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. FYI… O.M.A.C was the least bought book of the New 52. But that doesn’t mean Mister Terric is off the hook. I had hopes for this book. Dropped it after two issues. The art was horrendous. And I will never forgive it for turning PG into a weak supporting cast member.

    • I think the most gut-wrenching thing about this title was the profound sense of missed opportunity. I had no feelings or expectations for an OMAC title, or Static Shock, come to think of it. But I like Mister Terrific and I wanted this title to succeed. A superhero with smarts. More heart than Batman, more brains than Superman. Perhaps a cameo from his buddy Dr Midnite…
      Instead we got an incoherent plot, a poorly realised group of side characters, awful clunky dialogue with way too much ‘telling’ and not enough ‘showing’. And the art was heinous; Michael Holt is supposed to be an Olympic-level decathlete. Instead he looked more like a sack of spuds!
      I don’t know what’s planned for the character on Earth-2, but I hope it’s a major rethink of what’s central to the character, because this series missed by a country mile.

    • I assumed he meant in the latest sales figures (although that may in fact be Men of War). OMAC had increased in sales a great deal over time and was even higher in sales than Captain Atom when it was cancelled.

  2. This title – and Static Shock – are probably the most egregious examples of DC’s failure to commit fully to promoting diverse characters to the top of the line. Both were never given a chance, were poorly written and poorly drawn. Storytelling in Mr. Terrific was pitiful. you took Michael Holt and made him completely uninterested. This book is a shame.

    • Such a huge missed opportunity. This was not the Mr. Terrific I wanted to read about. This was some random new character with Mr. Terrific’s name slapped on it. It didn’t even have anything to do with any of the other new series.
      My take on Mr. Terrific would have been a spy-fi series starting with him being recruited by Checkmate. Instead of being behind the scenes like he was in Rucka’s series, he could have been out in the field with Sasha Bordeaux. Sort of like what Brubaker is doing with winter soldier. In my mind, the White King would have been Alan Scott and there would have been a side story explaining his past at some point. The Black King would have of course been Max Lord (instant tie-in with OMAC!) and Waller as White Queen (tie-in with Suicide Squad!).
      Am I crazy or would that have been awesome to read?

    • Yeah – I would buy that series too!

  3. Only 54 pulls kinda says it all

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