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Story by Jim McCann
Art by Adrian Alphona & Rodin Esquejo
Colors by Sonia Oback & Beny Maulana
Letters by Dave Lanphear
Cover by Rodin Esquejo & Sonia Oback

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

There is is something undeniably appealing about Mind the Gap. It goes beyond the flourishes of the seemingly supernatural and even beyond the conspiracies that are shown to us in glimpses. I think it’s the genuine, honest-to-goodness sense of mystery and suspense.

Because that’s really what this is; a whodunit and why type of tale. Each issue adds another layer of complexity and curiosity, answering some questions while raising so many more in the grand tradition of the best suspense stories.

Even this issue where we get tremendous insight into Dane the boyfriend’s life, we also get a glimpse into his father’s. and while we see some of the motivations of the characters, we see there is a force manipulating events; a puppeteer behind the curtain. Even the reveal of who that puppeteer is is uncertain. And that’s the beauty of the book. You don’t really know who to believe in or even what exactly is real.

It’s like a tv show you’re compelled to watch because it’s hooked you and you simply MUST know what happens next. Great serialized fiction makes you insanely impatient to get to that next chapter. McCann, Esquejo and the rest of the team are the real puppeteers here. And they have me dancing to their tune completely, making the gap between issues the one I mind the most.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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