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Tired of the dramatic Avengers? Me too.

I love The Avengers and I love Bendis but I go back and read all my Marvel Essentials and sometimes I wish there was something more fun to read. Cue: Marvel Adventures Avengers.

This was my first foray into a truly all ages title. I’m not including X-Men First Class or Wolverine First Class because they don’t have a stupid banner across the top telling you that it is. That’s my problem with this comic. It’s written like an all ages title. Something like X-Men First Class obviously has appeal to people of all ages but I never feel like it’s talking down to young people. It’s like the difference between Ratatouille and Baby Geniuses. One is genuinely great while the other you have to have only existed for 7 years to enjoy.

This book isn’t neary as bad as Baby Geniuses. It has some really fun character moments that I loved getting to see. You don’t normally get to see Storm or Captain America showing some humor. You get that in this book! I wish it was handled with more grace so that the rest of us could enjoy it.

The artwork is really great with lots of character in each panel. It may be written for a younger audience but anyone can enjoy this artwork.

I love the idea of a book like this. I pick up the First Class X-Men books every time they’re on the stands and I have a blast with them. Let’s drop the Marvel Adventure’s banner can we? Let’s call it Avenger’s First Class. (Pretty clever huh?)

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. The entire Adventures line is fun, but not fun enough to buy if you’re pushing 40 (like me) and have no kids. Luckily, public libraries tend to pick up the trades.

    And can we call for a moratorium on Brady Bunch themed covers? It was clever 10+ years ago when Gen13 did it. Now it’s just cliche.

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