Review by: Ragtime

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

So, I was one of those people who was upset the first time that Manhunter was cancelled, but by the time it got cancelled the second time around, I had sort of made my piece with it.  By the end of the first arc of this newly undead iteration, I was verging on the same “Why can’t these characters stay dead!” mindset I had about, say, Metamorpho or Jason Todd.

But these final two episodes made me change my mind.  The re-incarnation gave the series a chance to find a nice send off — a sort of “Where Are They Now” segment that you sometimes find at the end of movies, where you learn the hero went on to become Attorney General or dies of a heart attack the next year.

In this future, though, everyone turns out to be pretty much the same — happy and gay (in both senses of the word) and 15 years olders.  Th downside was that there were three different artists in this issue, with the third one (not Gaydos) who handled the fight scene with Sweeney Todd looking like he was photo-referencing from Terry Gilliam’s Flying Circus cartoons, complete with giant hand from the Flamboyant Avenger reaching down from the heavens to pick up cartoony bad guys.

Manhunter — I feel like your run is now successfully completed.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good

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