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Story by Mike Allred
Art by Mike Allred & Various
Cover by Mike Allred

Size: 0 pages
Price: 100.00

This is a testament to the work of the Allred’s and their signature characters own unique vibe.

The new material is like a a series of letters from pen-pals (who just happen to be some of the finest creators working today). The pin-up gallery takes this idea even further with literally a wish list of talent from the last 20 years and beyond. The format is stunning and really amplifies the work on display here. Having been on board the Madman bandwagon for 16 of the 20 years (hey I’m a slow learner) I am already familiar with most of the pin-ups reproduced here, however having everything produced to this scale with so much care and attention is a real treat for the eyes and the soul.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet the Allred’s last year when they visited London, their excitement with this project was infectious and the result is a pure celebration of a lasting icon.

Here’s hoping for another 20 years of zany stories.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Hey, I never heard of “Madman” before, care to introduce a fellow to what it is? 🙂

    • Madman is Mike Allred’s signature character. the stories are a vehicle for lots of Pop-culture references both direct and hidden (comics, art, rock n roll), Very silver age look and feel, Wacky adventures. Monsters and robots! Sometimes quite psychedelic….Sometimes it is very driven by the artists creative impulse, usually to great success although sometimes the structure of the overall tale can suffer, because of the nature of the work it can go off on a tangent…. Genuinely original characters will keep you coming back for more.

      Under the sometimes deceptively superficial surface Madman is about redemption and a man given blank slate and a second chance at life and love.

  2. Cool! That sounds like fun. I’ll definitely keep it in mind and at least try to browse it at the store! 🙂

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