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I first heard about this book when J.M. DeMatteis talked about it on the Word Balloon podcast.  He described it as being based on ideas he had for Captain America when he was writing the title (in the ’80s, I think?)  and wasn’t allowed to use. In a nutshell, Cap would get fed up with the whole superhero/supervillain system and become a peace activist.  So I went into it basically expecting Captain America fanfiction (not necessarily a bad thing, in my book), but I’ve been impressed to discover something more than that.  Savior 28, the (apparently not quite) indestructible supersoldier is very much his own man, and whatever story JMD had planned twenty years ago, he’s fit it very well into a post-9/11 world.  The scope of the story is impressive, and the structure is really ingenious.  The art doesn’t quite look like anything else that’s out there right now, either, and I’ve found myself looking forward to each issue more and more.  I thought #3 was the best one yet.

I haven’t heard a lot of buzz on this series, and I’m not sure how regular the schedule has been, but I hope this book ends up getting good word-of-mouth sales when it comes out in trade.  I’d like to see some more original stories like this come out of IDW. 

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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