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Avg Rating: 2.7
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Story by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Pete Woods
Colors by Brad Anderson
Letters by Travis Lanham
Cover by Pete Woods & Brad Anderson

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

This was the book out of the 52 I was looking forward to the most, only because of my 35 years of reading Legion. I have to admit I liked it alot. These established Legionnaires were familiar to me with just enough explanation thrown in for new readers. I was surpised by the deaths so early on, but there’s always a hope they aren’t really dead. I thought the set up was easy to follow (chase bad guy/he got here first/released some pathogen/we’re trapped)and look forward to the story Nicieza and Woods have set up.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. See, I’m completely new to the Legionnaires and I couldn’t understand this issue at all. There is no explanation of who the characters are, what are their powers, why they can’t go back and who the villain is and why is he doing what he does…

    So when two people died I just didn’t care about them cause hey, they barely said their names once! 0_o

    This isn’t newcomer friendly at all… I’m glad you enjoyed this issue, I didn’t and I don’t think I’ll come back for issue #2…

    • I’m surprised that you felt that way. I’m new to these characters too, but I feel after reading this I have a pretty good idea who they are and what they can do. A writer has to draw a very fine line between between introducing the characters for newcomers and using too much exposition to the point of ridiculousness. If every character was saying things like, “I, Timber Wolf, will use my wolf-like superhuman tracking ability to hunt down the bad guy” wouldn’t that make you cringe?

      I do see your point. Perhaps a 1st issue ensemble comic should have a dossier/splash page explaining the different characters. But, I think if you went back and gave the book a second read you’d pick up on a lot of the things you may have missed.

    • Perhaps, I only read it once. But I felt it lacked something to make it more likeable, I dunno what. I just didn’t connect with these characters. Perhaps a second read will change that a bit but so far, it was a letdown.

    • I will give you that. I really liked the overall concept, but of all the comics I grabbed yesterday, this one didn’t excite me as much as I had hoped. Didn’t help that the two characters I thought were the most intriguing apparently annihilated each other. As much of a WHOA! moment as that was (and I’m willing to bet they’ll be back), I was a bit put off by the very early deaths.
      I did enjoy it, but it’s one of those that might get cut in the place of sheer awesomeness in the other titles.

  2. I get why some people have a stigma with Legion, but you know what? I think they are the easiest to keep track of as far as large super groups because each member is inducted but has to have their own unique power. The characters in this book have been around since the 70s (mostly: Gates is Zero Hour/90s, Tellus and Chameleon Girl:80s and Timber Wolf 60s)
    Here’s a quick recap of who is who: Timber Wolf (Brin Londo): think Wolverine without being a killer…and yes he predates Wolverine. Wildfire (Drake Burroughs) he’s anti-energy in a suit–no body. Dawnstar (lady with wings) super power is can track anything in the universe; Gates: bug-creature can teleport; Tyroc(Troy Stewart): one of DC’s first African-American heroes in the 70s: sonic powers; Chameleon Girl (Yera Allon) shapeshifter married to fellow Legionnaire Colossal Boy. (he prob will show up in Legion. Tellus: fish-like guy telepath and telekinesis. Each Legionnaire is given a flight ring and a “transuit” the kicks in when they are in space or atmospheres to breath. (they are transparent…just go with it)
    The villain used is probably new, I don’t recognize him.
    Lately in the Legion books there’s a panel showing who’s who but for some reason they didn’t go for that approach here. DC has said that, like Batman and Green Lantern, the Legion pre-52 is supposed to stay relatively intact so try a trade or look online. There really are some great stories told. And if you can keep track of dozens of X-men or Avengers, I don’t know why Legion seems hard for readers. Hope this helps.

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