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Wow…how could a character I love be so misrepresented.

Let me just start by saying the art in this book really is fantastic and the colouring is incredibly dynamic and vibrant. Some of the panels just jump right out at you and everything is really smooth and nice. Now that I have the praise out of the way back to my hating…
Firstly, I want to make it clear that I have read the whole Grant Morrison run of Animal Man and 52 where he was lost in space which ties in directly to this. However I didn’t read countdown so I am not sure if all this sexual tension with Princess Koriand was seen there but please tell me if it was there because the story would make more sense.

Why right Buddy to be some kinda perverted old creep? He was really freaking me out in this issue with his super sleazy ways because lets face it he looks about 50 something and she looks about mid twenties tops. Also when did Ellen, Buddys wife, become such a ball buster? What happened to the woman who kept faith that her husband would return after a year in space? Grant Morrison always wrote Buddy to be a family man through and through so when I see this sleazy future Animal Man it really pisses me off. Also why is Buddy acting like such a dick with all this moaning and crying about being special and not wanting to be normal?I would also like to ask whether the villains in this were created for this story because they must have been plucked straight from the nineties , I mean the evil dude ‘bloodsomething’ is WEARING A FUCKING GIMP MASK for god sake.

So I just checked Gerry Conway on Wikipedia and found out he did some pretty profound things in his comic writing career like scripting the book where Gwen Stacy dies and co-creating The Punisher so I mean you have to give the man kudos for that but can he please just not entirely single-handedly fuck-up my impression of Animal Man….is that to much to ask? I know i might be in a minority opinion because when i went to pull the book it had a rating of 4 stars which i really do think is ridiculous. I’ll probably still buy the last 2 issues cause I’ve got some stupid OCD thing going on where i need to have the full series but I just want to try and stop anyone from picking this up in trade because it really sucks story-wise.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 4 - Very Good

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