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Loved this issue. The art was amazing and the story is pulpy and noire, but not like any noire you’ve seen before. For one, there is a lot more sex in this than any other Noire comic you’re gonna see. But that’s not the only reason this is an awesome book. :p

I’ve heard people compare Tocchini to Philips, while I love Phillips, I don’t see it. Tocchini art is beautiful and painted, but still has the amazing gritt that you need from a comic book like “Last Days of American Crime”.

But what I really enjoyed about this issue was Remender’s original take on the classic heist story mixed in with social commentary and possible sci-fi. The opening page/scenes pages are awesome as you get a feeling as to where the story is headed. You also get a feel for all the characters presented even in the few pages you see them, which is better than most comics will do.

All in all, this has the potential of being an amazing comic. I only wish it had come out perhaps 2-3 years ago when the political spectrum would have helped it’s publicity and it would have sold more copies and made Remender rich.

My absolute pick of the week.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. see, now, here’s my problem with it. If i hadn’t heard remender promoting the book i would have had no idea it was a heist book. the plot threads were very obscure in the book, very difficult to follow. i feel like with such a high concept the actually central narrative of the book has to be clear.


    but you’re right. it was a good issue. the art was fantastic

  2. @edward – I thought the brain waves thing would be more confusing than the heist. To me, whenever a few seedy characters meet up in a bar to talk over a plan, I always assume heist.

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