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Story by Matt Smith
Art by Simon Coleby
Cover by Greg Staples

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

IDW is currently my faveroute publisher but their Judge Dredd series has just been frustrating. We’ve seen good stories ruined with average or in some cases just awful artwork, or bad stories carrying by on some decent drawings. ‘Year One’ looks like a shaky step forward, but a step forward at least.

The art is still so so, but at least this time we have a consistent style and no strangely out of place panels wrecking it. The story is also a marked improvement and feels a little bit more like the Dredd we love instead of a generic future cop.

The ending seems to be promising us Dredd fighting a take on Akira but the series really needs to decide what it’s trying to be. The lawman of the future deserves better than this.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. If people want to give Dredd a real try. They should read 2000 ad or Judge Dredd megazine (they have them digital now). I havent read this yet but i read Dwayne Swizinskis (normaly a great writer) first few issues on the other IDW dredd title and its poor at best. It doesnt read like Dredd stories .. there seems to be too much exposition. With your review of a 2 on story i imagine this is more of the same. I will read it though. The fact of the matter is that IDW Dredd vs 2000 AD Dredd is night and day in difference so far. The latest 30 issues (weekly) of 2000 AD that dealt with Soviet Block revenge (Day of Chaos countdown) was just sooo fucking awesome. It was one of the best comic stories ive written in years and if the Ifanboys read it.. i think they would agree. Not many Americans read it though. Everyone remotely interested in Dredd should track down Day of Chaos recently released in a collected edition.

    • I probably came down on this harder than I would have because I took the chance to jump back onto 2000AD this week and got to read some real stories in this style (so glad I did even if I had to hunt 3 different comic shops to find a copy). I don’t know why Dredd just doesn’t work for IDW (well the terrible art errors like sideways smirking Dredd are obvious). They have the humour, style, themes and character down, but they just can’t make it come together. They know the recipe but they just keep making it bland. I’m not sure about the backgrounds of the writers but it does feel like the Stallone movie, an American take on a British franchise that just lacks the quirk.

    • Ya no quirk. I just want to clarify that i did not write day of Chaos… HA.. Typo. @ Small But Dangerous Frog Man.. get the collected Day of chaos. I actually get 2000 ad weekly issues through previews. You can ask your local comic shop to look in previews and order it for you but its so much cheaper digital though. After issue 2000 im going digital on 2000 ad.. its just that i managed to buy a whole collection of 2000 ad’s a few years back for a dollar an issue.. and i have this weird obsession to own issues 1-2000. DAY OF CHAOS = AWESOME.. even if it was written by John Wagner and not me. Just fyi Judge Dredd Megazine is better than 2000 AD if you just want Dredd world stories and not lots of quirky anthology stuff.

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