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Art and cover by JEFF LEMIRE

Size: 32 pages
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It’s always amazing to me just how Palmiotti and Gray continue to make this book both surprising and really good.  You’d think by now, at the 69th issue, they would have run out of ideas, especially since most of these issues have been single issue stories.  But here sits issue #69, and yet again, I’m blown away by the issue.  While the story within the issue great, the true star of this issue is Jeff Lemire’s art.  I know that Jordi Bernet is probably the go to Hex artist, but I’ll be damned if Lemire doesn’t give him a run for his money.  The art in this issue is dark and dirty.  Lemire forgoes a clean line and instead draws each figure with crevices and crags that show the age and strain of the sands of time.  The shadows that surround Hex are reminiscent of an Eduardo Risso panel, throwing the characters in stark relief.  It’s totally awesome.  With this tale mainly featuring a conversation between Hex and a figure from his past, this issue is packed with intensity.  Because of who Hex is, you never know where the conversation is going go and whether it will end in bloodshed or not.  Lemire focuses on the characters from the neck up, often zooming in to show just their eyes.  It’s a great technique, and helps ratchet the intensity up.  It’s like a Sergio Leone movie.  Amidst all of the talking, Lemire is able to take risks with some of the paneling, pushing the bounds of conversation, and ultimately succeeding.  I loved the way this book was laid out.  The story flowed so naturally, and I was completely sucked into what was going on in each panel.  This was one of the strongest Hex issues in a while, and hopefully, we can see more of Lemire with this character in the future.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Awesome review that made me appreciate the book more after reading your review.

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