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Art and cover by BRIAN STELFREEZE

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

What you need to know: After Jonah wins a poker game, he is targeted by the brothers of the man he beat.

What you’ll love

Simple: This is only my second encounter with Jonah Hex,(the
first being the short that was included in Batman:Under the Red Hood)
what has struck me in both instances is how simple it is. The plots
aren’t complex, he’s not trying to save the world, he’s just a man who
comes reacts to the world around him. It’s refreshing to read something
that doesn’t make your brain hurt.  This is not to say that the book
isn’t quality, it’s the execution of very simple plot threads that makes
this book so good.

Classic Western:  I don’t know if Westerns as a genre will ever
be revived, certainly it won’t be to the level it used to be,but Justin
Gray and Jim Palmiott deliver a script that touches on all of the
staples of the genre.

Accessibility: As I stated earlier, I’m new to Jonah Hex this is
my first time reading a Jonah Hex comic. Despite being a neophyte, I was
able to pick the book up and read it without any problem. I’m not sure
if every issue is like this, but it was nice to read a book who’s
numbering read 60 and actually be able to understand what was happening
within it’s pages.

Art: Steelfreezes’ art is a wonderful compliment to the story, in fact it enhances it. It captures the mood and tone perfectly

Hex: Jonah Hex is a deformed Dirty Harry riding a horse. He’s such a fun character I can’t wait to read more of him.

Action/Dialogue mix: This is one of the most underrated aspects
of storytelling it’s kind of like baking a cake, you need just enough of
all the ingredients and then mix them together adequately,which is much
easier said then done. Somehow Palmiott and Gray find the perfect

What you won’t

Rain Panels: I thought some of the panels when it was raining
could of been drawn better,(also rain is cliche) but it’s more me
nitpicking because I promised myself that I’d always put something down
in this category.

Bottom Line: Jonah Hex is very good bordering on great. It’s the
kind of book that you can hand to anyone, especially if they love a good

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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