Review by: jmstump

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

I swear that I’m not being paid by DC to review this book every other month.  It’s just that good.  They always have a great story to tell and this is the last issue before the first 6 parter.  If you were at all interested in Jonah Hex this issue would be a chance to try it out before a story arc actually starts on this title.

I was holding out that this issue was a silent one, but it’s about half and half.  Half the book is Hex being a weapon, killing people and doing a great job at it.  The other half is Hex the man, firm in is agreements, but ultimately a good guy.  It’s odd when I think about it that this book really shows off the two-faced gunmen well.  It’s probably one of the best issues for exploring the character as a new reader.

As always I highly suggest you read this if you don’t.  Simply put you’re most likely wasting money on another book that doesn’t come close to this one.  I looked at the list of books this week here on iFanboy and this barely made it into the top 25.  I can tell you it’s better then a lot of the other books that got more pulls.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I rated this a 4, but I agree that this is one of the best books out there.

    I got a bad feeling this series ends at issue 50 . . .

  2. They are making a movie, perhaps that will save it. We can dream.

  3. *sticks fingers in ears* lalalalalala I can’t hear you I didn’t hear anything about this book ending at issues 50 lalalalalala.

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