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There will probably never be another porn-starlet with so much clamor as Jenna Jameson. The business just ain’t what it used to be. Too many women out there are now willing to do whatever it takes to get into porn (i.e. geriatric gang-bangs, inter-species romps, and ATM films). They come and go before you can even remember their name. For this we can all be thankful, because to see another comic of this nature would just be too much.

Shadow Hunter’s almost not even worth making fun of this time around. The book’s just lame. A story so cliche an eight-year-old could have written it with dialogue as bad, if not worse, than the script from an actual porn film. So what really hurts this is the fact that there has been no sex or nudity. I’ve been more excited by recent Fables and X-books than I have anything contained in the first two issues of Shadow Hunter.

Stay away. Stay very far away.

Story: 1 - Poor
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  1. that’s gotta be the first time ATM’s been used on the site.

  2. There’s ATM machine porn?



  3. I know this is late, but I just linked here from your comment in conor’s article, and, as a bit of a porn aficionado, I just want to say that, ATM is hardly the worst thing they do to get into the biz.  Not even in the top (bottom?) ten.

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